Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Church Of Real Kvlt Metal

Darkthrone epitomizes what is tr00 and kvlt in Norweigian Black Metal. They refuse to play live. They mostly shun away from the Metal press. They record very lo fi albums. They record songs in their native Norweigian language. They've recorded a Sousxie and The Banshees cover. Their promo photos are mostly set in Norway's vast forests. They even refused a nomination from Norway's version of the Grammy awards. Did I mention they have a cult following around the world? All this while they stay tr00 to themselves and their sound.

This was an interview done by a German Metal zine in Fenriz's apartment a year ago. Surely enough, Fenriz continues to boggle minds everywhere, and makes you question what is really kvlt and gr1mm in Black Metal. Enjoy.

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