Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Hell Of A Week: A Review

Hi folks, it's a Tuesday, a really boring one at least, and what better way to do something productive than to post yet another blog? Anyways, last week was a total doozy. Monday was At The Gates, and it ws definitely one of the best shows of the year. Most of my friends showed up, and it was great to be in the same venue and actually having a great time being music fans without all the jaded internet bullshit. Toxic Holocaust started off with their no holds barred toxic thrash, Municipal Waste got the party raging, Darkest Hour were consistent as always, and when At The Gates came out, the place went apeshit. From start to finish, THEY WERE ON FUCKING FIRE. Never a dull moment on their set. Possibly the best reunion tour of the decade, besides Celtic Frost and Emperor. After the show, there was an after party at Kuma's Corner. Anders and Tomas even blogged about that party. Never to turn down a personal invitation from Uncle Alex, I went and had a blast with the bands at the party, hell, even Toxic Holocaust crashed over at my place. They even left me a really cool note when they got back on the road.

Tuesday, hung over and tired, I went to see Weekend Nachos, Harm's Way and The Catburglars at Subterrenean. If I could describe the show, it would definitely have more stage dives than the special olympics swimming event. It was THAT AWESOME. Wednesday was my birthday, and I am a year closer to getting AARP benefits, physically I could feel it, but mentally, I don't really feel like I got any older. Deep inside, I still feel like that 13 year old kid who first discovered Metallica and Iron Maiden. Thursday was Lone Wolf & Cub, Ramming Speed (from Boston) and Harpoon. It was a drunken blast.

Had to recover Friday and hung at Kuma's Saturday to chill out when I got yet another invitation to go rock out at the Boris/Torche/Nachtmystium show the following evening at the Empty Bottle. I was like, wow, what a way to cap an awesome week, huh? Early the next day, I found out that guest list spots were cut off but Uncle Alex was able to pull some strings to get me and a few friends from Revolution Tattoo into the list. Isn't he such an awesome guy or what? He bought a couple of rounds of beers to boot! I arrived fashionably late during Torche's 1st song, and as always, they never dissapoint and they bomb stringed to stoner heaven with their lush melodies coupled with pounding heaviness. This was my 2nd time seeing Boris, the 1st time was when they did their first ever US tour supporting Sunn O))). They blew me a way the first time. They crushed and lifted my soul up this time. The majority of their material got culled from Smile, and they definitely sounded better live. An additional treat was when Michio Kurihara was also playing with them that night. SUPER!!!

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