Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week In Review: July 22-29

Nothing really much happened these past few days. It was mostly spent packing, cleaning, and throwing out shit from my apartment. I'm moving this Saturday to Pilsen, and as much as I am looking forward to moving to a new 'hood, I've been reflecting the past 3+ years I've spent in this Humboldt Park apartment. It pretty much went from a nice home to a hellhole in a matter of months. This lease was a nightmare, having a total of 9 whopping roommates in 1 year. Fucking shit. I'm glad this shit is almost over, and I am looking forward to better days in my new 1 bedroom apartment.

As far as Metal goes, didn't really go to any shows this past week, I pretty much laid low, but I did go to this really cool DIY house show at the Shitspace. Hewhocorrupts headlined, Chica X, a 7 year old rapper from East Moline was direct support (check her out, she's AWESOME), Chicago Thrash Ensemble played their last ever show and some other bands played before them. I was expecting a big turnout since it's yet another one of those crazy Hewhocorrupts show, but there was barely 50 people crammed in the Shitspace. I brought and downed a 12 pack of PBR and took a few shots of whiskey, which definitely helped me flirt with the lovely ladies hanging out at the show. Normally, I'm the shyest dude when it comes to meeting girls, but give me a few beers, I'd be talking to them like I was Kat Williams.

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